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Thanks for being willing to volunteer at TCEA 2023. 
(We seriously couldn’t do it without people like you.)
Which type of volunteer would you like to be? 

Volunteer duties: Scan attendees into the room for credit tracking, support line control, assist presenters with any needs, and act as a liaison between the presenter and convention staff.

Flex Volunteer

Super Volunteer

  • Volunteer for whatever sessions you’d like (and however many you’d like)
  • Move rooms based on the sessions you chose
  • Guaranteed seat for the sessions of your choice
  • Two 4.5-hour volunteer shifts (can be one full day or be spread over two days)
  • Stay in the same room for your shift
  • Guaranteed seat for sessions rotating through your room
  • Free full registration badge

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Sign me up! 

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
Janny Vasquez

Events Administrative Assistant


(512) 450-5412

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